our copper charlie brown CHRISTmas tree

charlie brown tree

as many of you know tapestry is doing advent conspiracy to celebrate CHRISTmas. you can get a great idea of what advent conspiracy is all about by just going to the advent conspiracy link above. the short version of it is that we are trying to bring the CHRISTmas holiday back to being a holy day for us. we’re doing this by worshiping our LORD through trying to spend less while giving more and then using some of the money we save to buy clean water for those in need.

part of our worship for the advent season is changing the way that we value CHRISTmas. we are taking notice of this year CHRISTmas won't suck everything we see that GOD has done during our week and placing those events on our own little “charlie brown CHRISTMas tree.” i bought 1,000 shipping tags to write these GOD sightings on. people are grabbing some of the tags to take with them and record events during the week. then they bring those tags back and place them on the tree. these should make for a wonderfully and meaningfully decorated tree by the end of advent.

our sparse little tree of course, since we’re going to be buying clean water for people it seemed only appropriate to make this tree out of copper water pipe.  i built our sparse little tree last week and then improved upon it this week. i’ve pretty much decided that i’m going to change it a little each week. i could say that there was an artistic reason for this but the truth is that each week i realize a way i could have down it better. so example, last week it had a mere three branches, where as this week the little copper tree has sprouted several new growths that make it look better (i realized there wasn’t much room for many tags to be put on it). the next improvement will be welding. i have used plumber’s epoxy to join the pipes the past two weeks but if things work out right that will change this week.

my goal is for the artistry of the tree to suck a little less each sunday night. the good news is that it’s pretty easy to improve each week from my original design. 🙂

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