random overheard statements around me

i’m in my public office (emy j’s) and i can’t focus on what i’m supposed to be doing because the afternoon rush has started. therefore i am going to start recording random statements that i can hear over the din of noise within the place. here are some of the statements:

  1. you have to keep a hat on to keep your ears warms, right?
  2. it was almost like a scrapbook or something.
  3. i opened the refrigerator this morning and found a bottled water in it.
  4. i’m paying for this! response – then i’ll get the most expensive thing on the menu and teach you not to make that mistake again
  5. was yours a 12 ounce?
  6. i’m not sure how to type this – random sheep sounds and laughter
  7. do you want to sit in the other room? apparently said in response to the random sheep sounds
  8. i’ll just grab this table.
  9. that’s the only one with peanut butter?
  10. i’m sure i’ve never had bad ice cream.
  11. kids’ for me please
  12. it’s really sad to be in the company of two medical people.

basically meaningless dribble but i wasn’t able to do anything else because the store suddenly became quite noisy. this is why i am now grabbing my coffee and leaving.

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