things to be thankful for

so i am presently sitting up at 4 am smoking turkeys and i thought that since i was up i might as well go ahead and list some things i am thankful for. so here goes:

  • a GOD WHO is worth being thankful for
  • pam – i definitely married up – she’s smarter than me, godlier than i could ever hope to be, as cute as it is possible for a human to be, and a domestic goddess (hmmmmm – baked potato soup).
  • adam and noah – my kids are great. i’m not just saying this because i’m supposed to. you can ask anyone who knows my kids and they will tell you that i am blessed to have these guys as my sons. adam challenges me with his care for those in need and noah does with his enthusiasm for the people and things he loves.
  • my parents and brother – i didn’t tell them this enough when i was growing up but i had (and have) a great family.
  • a wonderful extended family too – i have in-laws that i enjoy being around and i’ve heard enough stories to know that is a big deal.
  • a church family who loves questions and the journey and celebrates acts of faith – 14 months ago i’m not sure i had any idea how much i would soon love and be challenged by these wonderful individuals.
  • friends all over the world who encourage and support pam and i – i am constantly in awe of those who are praying for us, sending us notes, etc, etc. you ladies and gents are the greatest.
  • road races that put up with slow runners
  • c.s. lewis
  • fishing – both in the canoe and on the ice
  • the chances i get to take photos during the year
  • wisconsin summers – i can’t imagine any place it prettier
  • wisconsin winters – cold weather really is fun
  • watching “the office” with friends and family on thursdays
  • leading my fantasy football division
  • evernote – the best study tool ever
  • smoked turkey sandwiches with mayo – enough said

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