as i said in the previous post

i know that i have already briefly posted on “black friday” but pam pointed out this article and so i thought i would post it. a worker was killed at a new york walmart by crowds trampling him as he opened the doors of the store for the beginning of the black friday sale. the crowd was so adamant about shopping that they refused to leave the store when it was announced that the store was closing because of the death. the response of some shoppers was “i’ve been on [sic] line since yesterday morning” and they continued to shop.

of course, faithful adherents usually view a few deaths as acceptable within a pilgrimage. i believe that is how america is treating “black friday” and the economy. our economy is our god and a death as a result of worshiping our deity just makes the value of our god that much greater.

i now some within the bride of CHRIST (the church) are already preaching against the value system that is behind events such as “black friday.” perhaps more of us should begin to do so and maybe the church should specifically begin to protest against participation within things such as “black friday.” this is part of what i like about advent conspiracy. i believe it is a call to readjust our worship and which deity we place out trust in.

ht to my lovely wife.