the best laid plans of mice and men

the useless sign

last week i discovered that our outdoor church signs have been made meaningless by the darkness. as many of you know tapestry meets at night. it makes for a wonderful sunday and our signs work great during daylight savings time. during daylight savings time it’s very well lite at 6 p.m. and is usually still daylight when we get out at 7:15 p.m. but that’s not true when daylight saving time ends. tonight sunset was at 4:19 p.m. in stevens point. this means that our non-lighted outdoor signs are useless. pam told me about this situation two weeks ago (i’m usually inside getting things ready and don’t get to see the signs) and then i noticed it on my own last week. the signs were not visible at all.

then i had what i thought was a brilliant idea. i determined that we could use a gobo projector to shoot a sign on the school wall. it would be visible, portable, cool, and decently inexpensive (i’m all about the cheap aspect). the gobo projector will take a few weeks to get to us but it will be here soon. to tide us over i thought of the tripod flashlights you can buy. i remember these from their commercial with an alien using one to fix its spaceship (sometimes advertising does work). i realized i could get two of these and project light onto our street sign so it would be visible. i thought it was brilliant.

then the snow came.

the snow trashed my wonderful idea. 15 minutes before the worship assembly the sign was completely covered in snow. it was very well lite snow but it was still snow. if you were real close to the sign you could make out what it said but if you were more than 20’ away all you saw was a well lite placard of snow. i felt a little like crying in defeat.

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