my cute wife & her bad back

i thought i would update you guys on pam and her back.

pam made it home from brazil and the combination of travel and the plane ride tore her back up. around friday of last week the pain became so bad that she was reduced to laying on her side. we’ve gone back to the orthopaedic medical doctor and have been told the next steps are to do another epidural injection and schedule an appointment with an neuro surgeon for a check up and to prepare for the possibility that the epidural injection doesn’t work.

life for pam is pretty boring right now. she is in constant pain if she is in any other position other than laying on her side. so she has laid on her side since friday while getting up every now and then just to stretch. she has already stated that she is real thankful that she was never placed on bed-rest when she was pregnant with the boys. she hasn’t been out of the house since saturday and is going a little stir crazy. who can blame her?

pam is not to the point of surgery yet but that could be coming. the good news is that the surgery is pretty minor for back surgery. what minor means here is that it does not involving fusing anything or 6 months of rehab. we’re not there yet but it is nice to know that if things don’t improve then it is an option that apparently works almost immediately. it is pam’s and my own view that surgery should always be a last option so we’re trying to avoid it if it is possible.

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