my cute wife & her bad back – part two

i posted concerning this yesterday but i took pam to her neurosurgeon, dr. rado, today and things have changed rapidly. pam’s neurosurgeon rushed her in today because it was his opinion that she should not be experiencing as much pain as she has been. the last time he saw her was in february and he said that the symptoms she was now describing meant that the situation had most likely gotten worse. so instead of seeing her on june 17th he arranged for her to come in today.

after doing a few basic tests he determined that not only was pam’s left leg numb (which we knew) but that she had already lost a reflex in that same leg (which we didn’t know). this most likely means that more of the disc has herniated and is pressing strongly against a nerve. because of this pam’s neurosurgeon changed his previous opinion concerning conservative treatment and stated that such treatment is no longer in pam’s best interests. pam will have an additional mri monday to verify what dr. rao believes to be true and pending the results of the mri pam will have surgery on her back wednesday. the plan is to go in and remove a little bone to enable access to the herniated disk and then remove the herniated portion of the disk. after the surgery pam’s recovery should take around 2-3 weeks. at least that’s the game plan for right now.

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  1. So sorry to hear this but glad Pam was able to be seen earlier and things are in progress quickly. We will be praying for her and a speedy recovery.

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