using you as proofers

we have some nice ladies coming to stevens point this saturday to help spread a little more word concerning tapestry. they will be placing hundreds of door hangers in a couple of neighborhoods. the point is to spread word about tapestry, a ttu clinic we are doing in august, and a block party we will do on june 28th (the latter two are on another door hanger).

this is probably a little late but the following two images are going to the printer tomorrow around lunch. if you see a typo, something that doesn’t make sense, or something that you think could be better please respond quickly.

the blue lines are design guidelines for the door hangers and will not be a part of the final image.

tapestry-door-hanger-front copy 20_3.5x8.5dh_Bk

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  1. get a designer to set your type, whatever that is (trajan pro?) it looks pretty awful. especially squashed like that.

  2. thanks brad. i don’t know squat about using type effectively. i just forwarded it to a designer who is a part of tapestry to get him to look at it. btw, the font is centaur.

    oh yeah, how’s your cold? better yet?

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