pam is home

apparently my mom is let down because i haven’t posted that pam’s surgery was a success and she is back home (which i don’t understand because i called them).

so here is the report. pam’s surgery went well. she now has a long recovery period. she should be able to go to work in two-three weeks. she’ll be able to do other things over various amount of times (i.e. 8 weeks for walking a dog of less than 10 lbs, 6 months to canoeing, 9 months for painting, etc.)

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  1. Okay, so let me explain my concern. I know that you called after the surgery, I talked to you. My concern was that Pam had not gotten out of the hospital. Your last FB post was concerning the fact that you were going to get her. Then nothing for a long time. It was so unlike the both of you not to have posted that I was afraid you had hit a “bump in the road” so to speak. Glad she is doing so well. SO THERE.

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