our advent conspiracy

tonight after a few weeks of talking about it with tapestry we all decided to celebrate CHRISTmas by redirecting the entire church offering during the advent season. every dime that comes into tapestry while we are discussing advent conspiracy will be spent on providing clean water for people in a central american village. none of the offerings given during november 22nd through december 27th will go for tapestry’s own expenses. i just felt that the most CHRIST honoring thing we could do during the celebration of HIS birth was spend all our offerings on others in need. thankfully tonight the threads of tapestry agreed with me. in fact, this is going to have to be a bit of an extreme offering for us because the funds necessary for a complete well are more than we typically bring in during a month. to be successful we’ll have to give more than we’ve ever given before. it should be quite cool.

it is nice to be connected with a group of people who are more interested in taking up a special offering to provide clean water than they are in taking one for a building or to meet their own desires. it should be an excellent CHRISTmas.

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