the week in tweets – 2009-11-21

  • FYI – when having a battle with your 12 yr old remember that cats do not make effective machine guns. violent grenades – YES. guns – no. #
  • @Joshross – not sure. i put my request in early and then have had a couple of people send me an invite. not sure what i actually received it in reply to Joshross #
  • @thegsides – what's happened to your broncos? #
  • duck hunting + cotton socks = VERY COLD FEET. this is such a rookie mistake. i should know better. #
  • @zmikko – no doubt on cotton, which i know but i was in a hurry this morning and just put on whatever i could find. hunting outside plover in reply to zmikko #
  • @zmikko – just west of tommy's turnpike on the wisconsin. in reply to zmikko #
  • @zmikko – no geese would land today but we did get a few ducks. in reply to zmikko #
  • @bCodySmith – we shot 2 yesterday and nothing today. it was still fun though. in reply to bCodySmith #
  • @bCodySmith – mallards and a white eye i forgot about. in reply to bCodySmith #
  • mhmmmm! i get chocolate chip pound cake tonight! i love chocolate chip pound cake and @pamelaaugust pam makes the best. #
  • i'm looking at a huge plate of FRIED DILL PICKLES!!!!!!!! oh yeah, i love my woman (thanks @pamelaaugust) #
  • I just had a bald eagle fly within 25 feet of me. Very cool. #
  • my basset hounds b'day gift to me is that they have decided to beg for their morning walk earlier than normal. thanks for the gift dogs. #
  • It's November 18th and I just saw cut CHRISTmas trees for sell. That's going to be 1 brown tree by 12/25. #
  • @exchangedliving – thanks drew in reply to exchangedliving #
  • @nicoleccausey – thanks nicole. you'll be thrilled to know that i am celebrating my birthday by wearing my new BAMA hoodie 😉 in reply to nicoleccausey #
  • @overflowinglove – true but then you have a green overspray image of the tree on your wall and floor in reply to overflowinglove #
  • @meganckelly – thanks for the well wishes though i would say you have probably been a bigger influence on me than i on you. in reply to meganckelly #
  • @aeah2089 – thanks niece. in reply to aeah2089 #
  • – Running on a foggy morn. Good stuff. #
  • I'm really amazed by some of my LSU friends calling for the firing of Miles. Are you guys really that fickle? No wonder Saban left. 🙂 #

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