the week in tweets – 2010-01-09

  • Point's roads are trash right now but I do love the snow. #
  • – @calvinb – that makes me smile – "fear of snow" routine, right? this is our driveway and road right now #
  • @thegsides – i don't know. i would have loved it if it hadn't of been so deep in our territory. in reply to thegsides #
  • i can live with that #BAMA. now let's get something going on offense. #
  • 1st quarter hasn't gone like i thought it would but i'm feeling a little better now. #BAMA #
  • though i am pumped for #BAMA i also feel pretty bad for gilbert. that's a difficult situation for a freshman. #
  • @bCodySmith – i agree. of course, i want #BAMA to win but i feel sorry for the freshman. in reply to bCodySmith #
  • @mcschobert – amen in reply to mcschobert #
  • @mike_shipp – he's secret weapon was to spend all year not developing a running game because mccoy would obviously never get hurt. whoops. in reply to mike_shipp #
  • mcelroy may have not lost a football game since the 8th grade BUT he definitely just picked his nose on the HD broadcast of the game. #
  • come on #BAMA, a td takes care of business. #
  • 1 advantage of no longer being a yth min is retreats = kidless date weekend. another is telling ym to have a nice vacation on the retreat:) #

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