fickering pixels

flickering pixels

last night i finished “flickering pixels" by shane hipps. i first heard shane at the 2009 q ideas conference and he was incredible. his discussion concerning “the medium being the message” in regards to the gospel was enough for me to want to read more. thankfully i didn’t have to buy his book, which i would have done, because it was provided in the conference bag (i love free stuff, especially when it is good free stuff). needless to say i was looking forward to reading the book.

like i said i finished the book last night. it was great. shane is a great speaker and this has translated well into his writing. i haven’t heard anyone else discussing how technology can and does shape our faith or the dangers of some of the methods that we use. how do our cell phones, computers, dvr, etc. effect our love for GOD and others? its an important question and one that i think hipps does a a great job of bringing up.

if anyone in point wants to read it my copy is now available.

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