till we have faces


oh how i love c.s. lewis. noah’s middle name comes from “the great one” – i even tried to convince pamela that clive would have been a good first name since it is a sansom family name but she wouldn’t go for it. i think pamela expresses my thoughts best when she says that she hates reading anything by lewis because she feels like highlighting the entire book (well i agree with her except for the “hate” part – every line being amazing is why i love reading lewis).

till we have faces anyhow i used the drive to my atlanta workshop to listen to an unabridged recording of “till we have faces ” – i thought it might be dangerous to actually read a hardback while driving. 😉 this is my absolute favorite of lewis’s fiction. it is a retelling of the myth of cupid and psyche. while it is definitely one of lewis’s least theologically blatant books it has some serious depth to it when you read it with the eyes of faith. i actually quoted from it today when emailing a friend. that’s what i love about lewis’s writing – his works connect so perfectly with real human emotion, needs, and struggles.

some of the last lines of the book blow me away every time i read them. orual’s last words are..

i ended my first book with the words “no answer.” i now know, lord, why you utter no answer. you are yourself the answer. before your face questions die away. what other answer would suffice? only words, words to be led out to battle against other words. long did i hate you, long did i fear you. i might —

goosebumps! i’ve read the book 7 or 8 times and each time near the end of the book i get excited about reading those words.

lewis is the man! you need to read this book. go get a copy now!

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