in search of the perfect running jacket

those who know me know that i don’t care a great deal about clothes. if at a particular moment i am dressed with any style at all it is because pam bought me those clothes. when i decide that something is comfortable and that i like it then i have a tendency to wear it a lot. take the sweater vest for an example. i never knew it until moving up to wisconsin but i was born to wear sweater vests. i wear them so often that devon (tapestry’s  all around tech guy) has declared the sweater vest/jean/chuck taylor combo to be the tapestry uniform and wears it on sunday nights to mock me (yeah i feel the love). pam and my parents can tell you stories from high school concerning a t-shirt i stole from chris lee that i wore every other day (it’s graphic said “cajun power” and it was awesome).

so that’s why it is with almost shame that i now admit that i have discovered i have a passion to find the world’s most perfect running jacket/windbreaker. i presently own 4 windbreakers and i find myself looking for new running jackets all the time. i almost bought a new yesterday because i saw one on sale. did i need it – nope – but it was on sale and had a hood (one of the things on my list of what makes a perfect running jacket). i didn’t buy it but i came real close to doing so.

so here’s my list of what makes the perfect running jacket.

  • weather resistant – it should block the rain and the wind. you would think this was a given but one of my four windbreakers is a rain magnet. if i run with it during a mist i gain 5 pounds of weight from the rain it soaks up.
  • supple – my current favorite running jacket is a sugoi versa convertible jacket which is so smooth it is like running covered in butter (which was meant to describe a good thing but now that i think about it probably isn’t). a good running jacket should be incredibly smooth and move well with you while still being weather resistant. this also helops the windbreaker to fit well next to your body.
  • lightweight – the less it weights the better. if you need warmth then put layers on underneath the jacket BUT the jacket itself should weight next to nothing.
  • good zippered storage – there needs to be plenty of storage for gel packs my cell phone and ipod. these pockets need to be zippered and positioned in such a manner that i can position my stuff in such a way that the jacket is balanced on my shoulders. my sugoi is perfect for this with unzippered pockets on the inside of the jacket, two front zippered pockets and a pocket in the small of the back of the jacket.
  • a collapsible hood – this is the only thing that my present sugoi jacket doesn’t have. if it did it would be perfect. i so wish my sugoi had a hood. it would be an absolutely amazing jacket then.

one advantage that my sugoi versa jacket does have that is not on my list is that it is convertible from a running jacket to a running vest. as i said at the beginning of this post i like vests. when i bought the jacket i didn’t think being convertible to a vest was that great of a thing but soon realized how amazing it was on a day of dramatic temperature change when i was able to cool off by removing and storing the sleeves during a long run.

anyway for a guy who doesn’t care about clothes and i am somewhat bothered by the fact that i now find myself drawn to and tempted by windbreakers every time i’m around them.

the week in tweets – 2010-03-14

  • i always like it when i get to use anything from søren kierkegaard in a sermon 🙂 #
  • @drewcausey – not here – i'm a little jealous because we're still several inches of snow and mud away from discing it. in reply to drewcausey #
  • @dannygilliam – oh i love him too. anything from "celebration of discipline" is a win. in reply to dannygilliam #
  • @stevekmccoy – yep but they also included "young frankenstein" and another "beetlejuice." someone screwed up consistently. in reply to stevekmccoy #
  • RT @pwilson: Just read, "70 percent of pastors in the United States claim they have no friends." That breaks my heart. ***I'm a 30%er. #
  • funny – our two church "small groups" is now larger than the group that started the church. #
  • time to go to bed so i can wake up tomorrow morning and go to a death notification seminar. fun, fun. #
  • @HeyMrsNorman – yeah it is but there is much more exciting stories coming up in reply to HeyMrsNorman #
  • @HeyMrsNorman – btw, i LOVE your profile pic in reply to HeyMrsNorman #
  • @labdollegs – that's the belts i was talking about (though it is in stevens point not green bay) in reply to labdollegs #
  • seminar leader just said "black people don't handle death the way WE white people do." shantel behind me is the darkest anglo i've seen 🙂 #
  • @drewcausey – what a glorious season. #
  • a victim's family member just described the day she was notified of her bro's death as "the 1st day of my NEW normal life." whew. #
  • any "threads" have interesting stories of times in their lif when prayer was powerful and interested in sharing them? #
  • @bradwphoto – HE's lost? in reply to bradwphoto #
  • i have a love/hate relationship with lenoard sweet's writing. about the time i am tired of his cute illustrations 1 strikes home with me. #
  • i know i shouldn't but i always feel rather uncomfortable when i meet a guy who loves cats – sorry fellows who do (dad, jim, brad, joe, etc) #
  • @MicahHaley – i knew there was a reason i liked you. in reply to MicahHaley #
  • could someone tell me why the great commission resurgence is so important? watched the vid and just seemed like a long sermon. #gcr #
  • mhmmmm! homemade gumbo for lunch on a foggy day = happy robert #
  • "if it wasn't for JESUS i would be an atheist" @lensweet "so beautiful" #
  • CRAP! i just missed a bag of crap on woot because my caps lock was on when i typed in my password. argh! #
  • @thegsides – what exactly is a CHRISTian challenge? forgive? love? 😉 in reply to thegsides #
  • why don't celebrities realize that plastic surgery just makes them look weird and not young. example … madonna on the marriage ref #
  • @jesslawrence1 – i would agree with you on that. i miss that guy. actually i miss many of you guys. in reply to jesslawrence1 #
  • i don't watch glenn beck so i'm just now learning that according to him social justice shouldn't be practiced in our churches. really? #
  • RT @sojourners Tell Glenn Beck: I'm a Social Justice Christian #
  • @dannygilliam – apparently not. in reply to dannygilliam #
  • @alkinnu – if you are at the drink machines there's a water fountain behind you. 🙂 in reply to alkinnu #
  • any of you wine connoisseurs know what the term is that refers to a wine's localness? the attributes of the locale that are in it & make it? #
  • @natebyrd3 – WOOHOO! for you that is. in reply to natebyrd3 #
  • in love japanese game shows. #
  • i much prefer hardback books to paperback but i'm not a fan of dust jackets. they're like pseudo paperbacks. #
  • daylight savings time is another one of the benefits of being a part of a church that only has evening worship gatherings. 🙂 #

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the image we want? really? post 2 of 2

ronnie floyd gcr

this is a barely connected continuation from my post on being a bad modern baptist.

DISCLAIMER #1 – i know next to nothing about the report i am about to mention.

like i said in yesterday’s post i’m not a good modern baptist. i don’ know who the current SBC or MWBC presidents are and i don’t really care to look them up. i don’t care about the politics of the SBC, though i’m sure they are discussing things that are very important. my focus is on loving my friends who make up tapestry and trying to share that love with those around the world.

which brings me to the screen capture image i posted above. it is from a video report on the great commission resurgence. don’t ask me what the gcr is because i can’t really tell you (remember i’ve already told you i’m a very poor modern baptist). though i’m not sure i get the impression that political elements on one side of the SBC love it and political elements on the other side can’t stand it. i thought i would watch the report video concerning the gcr but i still don’t know what it is really all about. i need someone who can cut through political language and tell me what the debate is really all about. to me it seems like both sides are saying the same things. remember i’m not a good modern baptist. i’m not in the know on any of this.

DISCLAIMER #2 – i don’t know ronnie floyd. he is probably a swell guys so please don’t take any of what i am about to say as a personal attack on him. i am merely talking about his look in regards to old-time versus modern baptist.

so i watched the video and i was immediately struck by the look of the speaker. his name is ronnie floyd and he is the pastor of the first baptist church of springdale. i’ve never met him and i know nothing of him – remember, i’m not a good modern baptist. all i know is that when i watched the video all i could think was “how does this guy’s look convey that we want to do things in a new way”? when i looked at him i thought power, influence, plastic, and baptist stereotype.  AGAIN PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I DON’T KNOW RONNIE FLOYD! i’m sure he is a great guy and that his family, friends, church, and dogs love him. all i know about him is his look and i was wondering if i should believe what was being said about a resurgence based on that look. you can say that’s shallow and you would probably be right. in my defense i will say that there was obviously a lot of time spent in arranging the background of the video and determining the lighting and other attributes of the video so as to convey the message best. therefore the look of the speaker chosen is an important part of the message of the video. “the medium is  the message.”

i thought i would get someone else’s opinion to compare to my own. one of the threads whose opinion i respect greatly is jan. jan likes to call herself tapestry’s house mom. she hasn’t been involved in a church for decades and is not familiar with the evangelical church culture at all. jan came to a worship gathering one night because she was interested in exploring faith and while she doesn’t believe me when i say it she has become one of GOD’s greatest gifts for helping everyone else in tapestry explore their faith in CHRIST. so i sent the above image to jan without any explanation and asked what she thought.

here was her response:

he is dressed meticulously but chose the pink tie to soften the look.  is he wearing lots of makeup?  is his hair real?  is he real?  he looks like one of those TV ministers who are always asking for money!

she said basically what i thinking (except for the pink tie bit – i didn’t even notice it – good catch jan).

from what i saw on the video (without actually knowing if there what the politics are behind it) i would say that i agree with much of what the resurgence report says BUT i still find myself asking does the image of this video actually convey that anything different is being done? i fear it conveys the same old plastic, unreal image that we have been conveying for awhile. is this really the image we want to convey to the world? i think we look our best when we are conveying the loser look of old-time baptists. they were people who agreed on four things and had diversity on so much else. that’s what i want to look like.