my preliminary proposal

life has been pretty busy recently. it has been good also … but busy. therefore, i have been more focused on the tasks at hand than i have been blogging. this makes me a little sad because every now and then i like blogging. the busyness will subside soon because i am about to be through with the seminar work for completing my d.min. woohoo!

of course, this means that i will now begin working on my project (since the d.min is a professional versus terminal doctorate it means that your dissertation MUST be practical in its nature, i.e. i have a project rather than a traditional dissertation). i finished my preliminary proposal last week (you can view it here) and we’ll see how that goes. i like the idea of it. it’s basically a study of how trinitarian and incarnational theology should effect the preparation of weekly sermons. in other words, should the fact that GOD is community in his very nature (i.e. the trinity) and the fact that GOD typically preforms HIS work through the agency of HIS people (i.e. incarnation) effect how many voices from HIS church are involved in the preparation of the weekly sermon and, if so, how can the church collaborate on the sermon?

this may not interest you but it does me. if you are thread then there is a chance that you might be asked to participate within my project. i’m going to do an A/B/A/B test to determine if sermons that involve collaboration within preparation have more impact than those that don’t.

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  1. Are you still working with others on collaborative preaching. I have had a wonderful experience with this in the past, but haven’t lately. I’m always interested in this idea, but as you have found…its a rare bird.

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