fish of 10,000 casts?

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i’m pretty pumped. today i accomplished a first for me … i caught two muskies in one day. i’m not really a muskie fisherman. i would rather fish for smallmouth and therefore that is what i usually do.

i think smallmouth bass are the king of freshwater fish. they fight wonderfully, are very dramatic with all their jumps, are incredibly aggressive attacking things that there is no way they could actually eat, and are plentiful. i can go out on a good day and catch 50-100 14” smallies. that’s a wonderful day. since smallmouth are so awesome i don’t usually put much effort into catching muskies.

don’t get me wrong muskies are awesome too. they put up a fight unlike much else. it’s just that they are pretty rare and when i go out i want to catch something. there is a reason they call muskies the fish of 10,000 casts. i know plenty of people who have fished in wisconsin all their lives and haven’t caught a muskie. the only reason i catch the two i normally catch a year (i’ve caught two every year we’ve been in wisconsin) is because the point area is crammed full of muskie and my friend andy lickel is an amazing guide (take a look at the muskie andy caught sunday and compare my little guys to that monster). i usually catch one at the beginning of the season and another at the end. that’s the way it has gone for three years. that is until today.

today i caught two muskies while fishing for crappie. neither one of the was huge (both around 30ish) but i still caught two. it was a pretty good day.

btw, here’s the first smallie of 2011. he wasn’t very big and he fought almost as good as the two muskies. i love smallmouth bass.


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