30 days of creativity

i had not heard of 30 days of creativity until my friend amanda posted something about it. btw, if you are crafty you should probably read her blog – she does some pretty cool stuff – in fact she made this crown for one of tapestry’s lent stations. anyhow she posted about 30 days of creativity today and it sounds like a pretty good idea.

i believe we were all designed to be creative because we were created in the image of the GOD who creates. creativity is a theological issue for me. since GOD is Creator and i was created in HIS image then i should be creative.

if you think about it many of your proudest moments probably involve some form of creativity. maybe you saw a problem in an entirely different fashion. maybe you repurposed something in such a way that no one else had ever thought to. maybe you actually created something. all of this involves creativity. see, you were created to be creative.

for me i am usually most creative when i am on a creative trend. i know that sounds stupid but here’s what i mean. when i am consistently doing something creative – writing, photography, drawing, etc – i tend to view everything from a slightly different angle. for me this leads to creative thought. new ideas spring up easier during these time periods. so that’s what i am hoping will happen during the 30 days of creativity. hopefully i will see things in a slightly different manner and respond to everything in new ways.

thanks amanda.

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