this was what mobile was like


we have been having some pretty bad storms around the point area recently. it actually has been kind of reminiscent of when pam and i lived in mobile, alabama where major storms happen every summer afternoon. i have never seen roads flood as often around here. over the past four years in central wisconsin our experience with rain has been that it tends to drizzle for two to four days and then become sunny again. so these storms have been abnormal for our wisconsin weather experience. the above picture is from thursday night when some threads from tapestry fed at the place of peace.

IMG_1665just in case you are wondering the place of peace is a thursday night meal that was originally a part of the local catholic workers movement/chapter (i will probably discuss my thoughts on “movements” versus “organizations” and the “organizations” that call themselves “movements” later but not right now). about a year ago the point area catholic workers chapter went defunct and asked evergreeen church to take over the place of peace weekly feed. evergreen is a great church and their pastor al kinnunen is someone that i really enjoy being in ministry with. anyhow the place of peace invites locals groups to do a weekly thursday night meal for anyone who needs one. it’s an interesting and fun group that comes for the meal. a while back tapestry started doing a meal every three months. talking to genesis, the evergreen member who coordinates the thursday night meal, everyone there see a lot of spaghetti and lasagna brought in by groups. therefore, tapestry has become the “jambalaya church.” while i make the jambalaya all the other threads make other homemade things to bring – such as fresh bread from adam h (a few slices of which made it back to my house and i have been thankful for each one i have eaten). it is always a good night.

back to the storms.

after the meal at place of peace i jumped on church street to head back home to plover. this is a 6.5 mile drive that normally takes no more than 20 minutes (and that is stretching it). unfortunately i ran in the underpass pictured above. so i turned around to use division street to get to the interstate. the problem was that division was flooding bad enough around the ymca that only trucks were making it through the road. so i turned around again to try water street. i should have realized that with a name like water street there was no way it wasn’t going to be flooded. it was flooded.

in a rather anti-climatic way i finally made it imagehome by weaving around streets with less water on them. instead of the twenty minutes maximum time that it usually takes me to get home i ended up traveling for around an hour trying to make it 6.5 miles.

i need to end this post now because we are being hit by another storm. seriously. 60 mph winds, rain, and hail. i’m not used to experiencing this up here.

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