day 28–question 28

why don’t i take my oldest son’s recommendations more often?

i guess this is more a statement of bafflement than a question. it just seems that almost every time adam recommends something it turns out that i like it. the most recent example of this is the new doctor who series. adam has ben telling me for quite some time that i should watch this show. i’m not sure why i didn’t listen to him sooner. i just started watching the series and it is great. i should have listened to him earlier.

day #24–question #24


if i were a teacher, what subject would i like to teach?

i read this question somewhere recently (sorry, i don’t know where so i can’t give credit). i have no interest in ever doing more than subbing in a non-college setting so i’ll answer the question from the prospective of college or above. i won’t explain right now but i think i would want to teach either ancient near eastern history or historical/practical theology (there are 4 different types of CHRISTian theology – biblical, systematic, historical, and practical). yeah that would probably be it.