new year’s day worship gathering

tapestry is a different kind of church in many ways. one of those ways is that because of the young nature of most of the people who are a part of tapestry our two lowest attendance worship gatherings during any year are typically easter and CHRISTmas. this is the exact opposite of most other churches. some churches joke that they have C&E members (people who just show up on CHRISTmas & easter). we don’t make that joke because we don’t have any people like that. instead, since most of the people in tapestry are around 21-26 years old they usually are the ones traveling to visit family members on these holidays. CHRISTmas and easter are still a very big deal for us, we just spend most of our time on the preparation for these holidays. it is why we spend so much time focusing on lent and doing advent conspiracy for advent. we just don’t count on large attendance on the actual holidays. for example, we had around 60 people at last year’s tenebrae gathering (the maunday thursday before easter) and about 25 for easter sunday. it makes for the need for creative thinking when it comes to these two times of the year.

tonight i figured the group would be pretty small and that would give us an opportunity to spend time in a home instead of washginton elementary school (where we normally meet on sunday nights). the photo above is most of the group tonight. small, intimate, and loving.

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