increasing wedding officiating


tapestry and i seem to be getting involved in more weddings from within our group each year. here’s a year by year on the wedding officiating that i have been doing:


involved in 1 wedding


officiated 1 wedding


officiated 2 weddings


scheduled to officiate 2 weddings already

i’ve told pam that my personal goal is to do an extra wedding each year and i’m hoping for a 3rd wedding for 2011 and it looks like it will probably happen. i am pretty excited about this because i think it is a really good sign that things are going well in our group. i think it speaks of how we value strong relationships and community. it also reflects that as a group we are drawing younger people, one of the groups that aren’t typically becoming involved in a church.

the picture above is of the group of threads that drove to milwaukee (2 1/2 hours away) to be a part of joe & kaylin’s wedding. when someone (or two in joe & kaylin’s case) from our group joins with another we want to celebrate what GOD is doing in them. we want to celebrate it because we believe strong, healthy relationships reflect the nature of GOD.

SIDE NOTE – we had our first baby dedication this year so i guess i need to set up a new goal of an extra baby dedication each year 🙂

SIDE SIDE NOTE – the above photo is from adam h, one of the wedding photographers in our midst. you really should check out his website. he is awesome.

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