if this happened to noah i’d …

noah plays 9th grade basketball on his school’s A team. i saw this video of one high school, primarily one player’s, fouls that probably should have been called flagrant. actually in my opinion two of the fouls should have resulted in the teen and his coach receiving a warning that if another foul like them happened the player would be ejected and the 5th foul shown probably should have resulted in an immediate ejection (though obviously if it was the kid’s only foul it would be much harder to do that).

as a father i’m i’m not entirely sure how i would have responded? taken noah out of the game? told noah to accidentally get this guy in a spot that would keep him out of the game? i’m not proud of the thought. i’m just not sure how i would respond.

i do know that i would be going ballistic on the refs for not taking care of business and the opposing coach for either teaching or allowing this behavior.

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  1. If Noah’s team plays this team his coach should forfeit and refuse to take the court. I hope some sort of discipline has been handed out.

    1. i know. considering that these were only the fouls that the videoer considered flagrant i wonder what the rest of the game was like. i can only imagine that the kids on the non-thugish team got beat up pretty bad.

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