i have been a part of touched twice united clinics and i’m on the executive board of TTU, so i obviously believe in its mission. i love what happens at TTU clinics. the above video isn’t a TTU clinic but it is something that we could fit into a clinic (and in fact some things similar have been fit into some clinic). i’ve wanted tapestry to do a clinic for awhile but it just hasn’t worked out yet – it is a lot to ask of a small VERY new community.

maybe this year?

i know we have enough photographers to do something like this and i’m sure we could get others. i used to do senior portraits for the multi-housing ministry when i was the youth minister at parkview baptist church in baton rouge. i loved doing it. i’ve emailed the high school counselors here in point asking about doing the same thing to no avail.

i need to talk to some more threads about us getting into gear on doing a clinic. the video was just the kick in the pants i needed.

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