can i have your empties?


i’ve developed a new hobby … well i guess it is a hobby. actually i’m not sure if it is a hobby or not. i do know that it enabled me to make a few CHRISTmas gifts and that my dad wants a few more. i’ve learned how to cut and sand beer bottles into 10 oz tumblers.

the photo above is of 5 that i finished before supper tonight. two are for my dad, two are for my brother, and the 5th is for eric g. i need to make some more because my dad swears he has five friends and therefore needs six glasses. i’m not entirely sure about this because i find it hard to believe that my dad could have 5 friends. 😉

making the glasses is more difficult than you would originally think, or at least more difficult than i originally thought, for two reasons.

  1. modern beer bottles are very thin and therefore glass cutting is not easy on them.
  2. you have to find bottles with painted labels instead of paper, since the paper labels will wash off with use.

i guess there is a third difficulty and that is that i don’t drink alcohol and therefore don’t have any beer bottles lying around. so if you have any beer bottles with painted labels on them i would really appreciate you giving them to me rather than throwing them in your recycling bin.

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