My Driving a Bus Dream


I have a couple of dreams that are pretty consistent. Most of them involve being chased by various things. One dream that I regularly have is driving a bus full of people. It usually shakes me to my core. Why? Well for so reason in my dreams the driver’s console is always around the middle of the bus. That’s right, I am 15 to 20 feet from the front of the bus and there are people sitting in front of me and I am expected to safely drive every one to their destination at highway speeds. Shiver. I always wake up nervous after this dream.

Last night the dream became a little worse. Instead of driving a bus I was driving a semi-trailer where the tractor portion of the semi-trailer was a bus loaded with people and, once again, the driving console was in the middle of the bus. I have no idea why but in my dream the Terrell family was moving (something that isn’t happening). All our earthly possessions where in the full size trailer behind the bus/tractor and for some strange reason we had decided it would be nice to bring lots of people along with us. The dream was anxious enough for me and then we started going down the world’s longest downhill incline. The trailer was fishtailing and people were still moving around in the isle in front of me.

You could probably analyze my dream and say that I fear that I am leading people while being completely inadequate and not really able to see where we are going. You would probably be correct in saying that. All I know is that I never want to drive a bus from the middle of it and I definitely don’t want to drive a tractor-trailer where the tractor is a bus.

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