I have developed a theory on how to quickly diagnose whether a person is crazy or not. All you have to do is call them crazy and see how they respond. If they respond by a quick laugh or some other response that is low drama then they probably aren’t crazy. If they have an emotional meltdown after you call them crazy and get very offended that you said they were crazy then they are probably crazy. I have unintentionally tested this theory a few times (not today thankfully) and it seems to hold true. Only crazy people blow up when you call them crazy.

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  1. Robert, I learned something similar at Parkview. Once, I think it was before you came on staff, a guy came in and asked for benevolence help. I kept thinking, I don’t believe this guy, I don’t trust him. But there were no holes in his story. He scammed me, and Parkview out of $50.

    Later, I realized that I could simply tell others that I was unsure about like him. “We want to be helpful, but honestly, I don’t believe you. I don’t trust that what you’re telling me is true.” If the reaction is anger or offense, they are probably lying. If their reaction is “ok, how can I get you the info you need.” Then they probably aren’t lying.

    Anyhow, you’re right about reactions. They tell us more than people think.

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