Lenten Project & Free


If you haven’t checked out Tapestry’s Lenten Project yet then please let me recommend that you do so. Various threads have used their talents to help Tapestry prepare for Easter.  I am really enjoying each week’s art and song. Good news is that you can download the individual songs now and the better news is that Joel is going to work on all the songs again before we release all the songs together so they will be normalized to each other (thus having an equal volume). It is amazing to me what these ladies and gents are able to do.

Part of what I love the most about what the threads consistently do is that they do it for free. They offer their talents freely and that is just plain cool. By the end of this project Tapestry will have developed a 7 song EP that is being given away for free. The threads don’t hesitate a second in just giving their talents away. I think that is a different type of mindset and I am honored to be a part of such a group.

Here are the songs thus far (one more song comes out on Easter):

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