Long Day

Montana’s current position pretty well expresses how I feel right now.

Did the chaplain thing at St. Mike’s hospital, fed 70ish people jambalaya at the Place of Peace meal tonight at the First Baptist Church of Stevens Point, and setup led Tapestry’s 2013 Tenebrae. Long day. Missed a lot of friends who would normally be there if it hadn’t of been Spring Break this week – I hope you guys and ladies know that you are missed. Jambalaya pot is now cleaned but the church sound equipment will end up staying in the minivan for at least another day. Tired and ready for bed. I am very thankful for the threads that make this stuff happen. Looking forward to celebrating Resurrection Sunday with Tapestry mainly because I really enjoyed celebrating it with them today by serving others and reading the 14th and 15th chapters of the Gospel According to Mark (which is pretty much all our Tenebrae gathering is – reading the 14th & 15ht chapters with 7 candles and 7 songs).

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