Stories of {un}Faithfulness

judges title copy

So the threads have spoken and the next messages series at will be on the book of Judges. It will also be much shorter than the series on the Gospel According to Mark. Right now I have outlined about 8 weeks. I imagine I’ll end up adding a week or two at most.

I love the book of Judges because it is full of amazing stories of faith and unfaithfulness. In includes some amazing stories of God using unlikely people, including two of my personal favorite such stories: 1) the story of Ehud, and 2) the story of Jael. This is going to be fun. Ehud brings out the middle school boy in me and if Pam and I had bee blessed to have a daughter I would have pushed for her name to have been Jael just because I think she is an example of a strong woman.

Anyhow it starts this Sunday night.

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