Tapestry & Team World Vision

I just finished talking with a guy I met at the Whistlestop Marathon back in October of last year who coordinates Team World Vision groups. We talked about starting a group at Tapestry and getting people to run a race together, he suggested the Twin Cities Marathon in October, for the purpose of helping people have access to clean water. You see every $50 you raise in a Team World Vision group secures a person a LIFETIME of clean water in an area where it is desperately needs. That’s right I said a LIFETIME. I think that is very cool.

Anyhow he talked about this being something for non-runners more than runners which I thought was interesting. He had a good point and that is that it is more of a sacrifice for non-runners. I’ve run with Team World Vision before and I loved it. Jim, my brother-in-law, and I ran the Chicago Marathon as a part of Team World Vision and it was really cool but all we were doing was adding a good thing to an event we were already going to do. That’s a great and all but it isn’t really a sacrifice. A sacrifice is for a person to commit to doing something that scares him/her not because they want to love running or desire to check off a bucket list item but instead because they want to raise money for people to have clean water. That type of sacrifice can be transformational not just for the people being helped but also for the person helping and the community he/she belongs to. That’s pretty cool.

Now to find out what the Leadership Team thinks and then work through details such as:

  • Local event or premiere event – a premiere event means running with hundreds of other World Vision runners. 
  • Marathon or half marathon – the easier choice might not be best.
  • Starting training groups for all sorts of level.
  • Fund raising to provide as many people as possible with clean water.
  • Bringing others in to the group.
  • Pressing on toward the goal.

I also kind of like the thought of not allowing ourselves to quake in fear because of the horror that happened in Boston. Instead of just doing a symbolic thumbing of the nose to terrorists I believe running with Team World Vision turns our run it into an act of reducing the terror in the world by helping others to have clean water. God defeats evil with sacrificial love and I believe His people should too.

There is a really good chance you will hear more about this.

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