I'm a Fan of Ed Stetzer

This is Ed Stetzer – I wish we were friends 🙂

I really appreciate the vast majority of what Ed Stetzer writes and this post is just another example of his thoughts and writing that i am thankful for.

Here’s a quote from it:

On the day before the Tsarnaev brothers were identified as Chechen Muslims, I drove by my Muslim neighbor’s home on the way out of our neighborhood. His trash can had spilled into the street, so I stopped, picked everything up and put it back on his curb. Why? Because I know him. He is my neighbor. Because our kids play together. And he more realistically represents his religion to me than terrorists do. And my African American neighbors also better represent African Americans than news reports. And, I pray, I am a better representative of my Christian faith than some of the nuts in the news.

You should probably go read the rest of his post. It is good stuff. Makes me glad he is a Southern Baptist leader. I think the thing I like about him the most is that he seems to tick off people on both sides. He doesn’t seem worried about supporting conservative or progressive causes. For some fun you should read some of the comments on his facebook posts. Always seem to be something that someone is chewing him out for. That’s fun. 🙂

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  1. same here! Also, I don’t fit in with people who use politics on either side of the spectrum as their expression of faith. And I hate that we can hardly have a conversation about something without someone juking the conversation to, “I’m more concerned about {insert pet issue of their sole focus here}”.

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