Haven't Scared Someone Well in Ages

I used to love randomly scaring friends when I saw them in public. Actually I still love randomly scaring friends, I just haven’t had as many opportunities recently for some reason. I would see a friend when he/she didn’t see me and I would try to surprise/scare him/her. It was a lot of fun, especially ever now and then when it turned out not to be my friend, but someone who merely looked like him/her.

My personal favorite time was once when I was at Best Buy and I was sure I saw Lauren, an intern who worked with me. She didn’t see me so I snuck up behind a DVD kiosk and jumped out when she rounded the it. She screamed and threw the DVDs that she was holding. It was at that moment that I realized it wasn’t her but instead somebody that I didn’t know who merely looked like Lauren. Not cool, especially when the Best Buy employees started running toward the screaming woman, while I was trying to convince her that I was sorry and I thought she was a friend of mine who I was trying to pull a practical joke on. Thankfully they all believed me and I wasn’t tackled to the ground. Ah, good times.

Man, I miss randomly freaking people out. I hope an opportunity presents itself soon.

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