Chaplaincy Interviewing

I’ve mentioned before that I am presently interviewing with a chaplain company and since I haven’t been hired or denied yet I won’t mention what company it is. Right now I just want to say how impressed I have been with the interviewing process that they have put me through. Thus far I have gone through the following:

  • Initial Interviewing (I’m assuming a weed-out interview) – 1.25 hours
  • Interview with Regional Director – 1.25 hours
  • Taylor/Johnson Personality Inventory
  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  • Job Shadowing a company chaplain (he also evaluated me) – 2.5 hours
  • Second interview with Regional Director (this time with Pam) 1 hour

Today I started another step which is initiating a background check (criminal, sex offender, DMV, and credit) and if I make it through that (and I can safely say that there is no reason that I shouldn’t) then, to my knowledge, there are two remaining steps:

  1. Final Interview with a higher up in the company (I think it is a Vice President)
  2. 3 days of training at the company’s headquarters (this is an interview also because they evaluate you at the training center also).

I think this is dang impressive. I don’t believe I have gone through such an intensive interview process for any job I have ever applied for – church or non-church. With each step I grow a little more excited about the possibility of working with this company. I think part of that is the amount of effort that they are putting into checking me out to make sure I am a fit. I respect any company that puts in that much effort. It speaks well of how important they believe their work is.

What would this mean for Tapestry? Not much, because I would be part-time. The church term for this is bi-vocational. What this really means is that I work an additional job so that there is no need for Tapestry to pay me more. That’s a good thing. I guess it also means that Tapestry would be receiving a little more tithe each month. 🙂

I hope this works out.

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