The Burger Experiment – Guu's on Main

This Summer Noah and I are on an adventure. We are trying to find a favorite local hamburger. Each week we are eating a hamburger at a local place and rating. The scale is 0-10 with 10 equaling “as good as Riverside Patty or Whistler’s.” You need to understand that we had amazing burger places in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Carthage, Missouri. Both places are very different from each other and both places had amazing hamburgers.

Noah and I realized a few weeks ago that we really hadn’t found a burger in Point that we thought was as good as either Riverside or Whistler’s. So we decided to become more purposeful about searching. So today we tried the Classic at Guu’s on Main.

2013-07-02 13.39.48

Guu’s was highly recommended. We have several friends who swear by Guu’s and there is a group of “threads” who meet there pretty much every Wednesday night. Noah and I both really liked the burger. The bun was toasted a great deal on the grill and we both thought that was great. The meat itself was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Its a 1/3 pound burger that is decent size and cost $6.99 with a side. Actually, while the burger was good Noah and I both agree that our side of waffle fries was the best part of our meals. The waffle fries were excellent. Dang crispy without being burnt.

Guu’s on Main. A decent but dark place. This photo doesn’t properly convey its darkness.

On the 0-10 scale we originally thought the burger was a 7. A good rating for the first burger, when we are still pretty much figuring things out. We enjoyed our experience at Guu’s and were sure that we would want to come back and have that burger again. We wouldn’t crave it like Riverside or Whistler’s but we would still enjoy another one.

That changed 30 minutes after we had eaten our burgers. Almost at the exact same time both of us went running for the bathroom. The burger giveth and the burger taketh away. In this case the burger tooketh away our dignity and a little Terrell family toilet paper. We both feel fine now so it wasn’t food poisoning or anything similar. The burger just didn’t want to stay in our stomachs. It was enough for Noah to lower his rating to a 5. I’m just dropping it one point to a 6 because the burger was good enough that I would eat it again, even knowing that I would end up running to the bathroom 30 minutes later.

Guu’s on the Main Burger Experiment Score – 6.

We are thinking next week will be Arbuckles Eatery & Pub.



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  1. I’m excited to see what you find. We used to love the burgers at Hudson’s, but they closed. We’ve had the burgers at Guu’s and haven’t gotten sick. They aren’t bad. We tried the burgers at The Point After because Brian and Heidi recommended it, but ours were terrible.

    1. Adam Hudson’s had a good burger in my opinion but no one ever seemed to be there. My problem is that we haven’t found an amazing burger in Point yet and that is what we are looking for.

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