1st Week at 1st Baptist

Every year Washington Elementary refinished the gym floor and Tapestry needs to move for a week. This year they are actually changing the lines, which is apparently much more difficult than refinishing the floor. Instead of just being gone for one week we will elsewhere for three weeks. Usually during our absence we do a picnic/worship gathering at Iverson Park. Three weeks was a little long for Iverson and a little chancy with the weather. So I asked First Baptist Church in Stevens Point if we could meet there for a couple of weeks. They were gracious enough to say yes.

So here are my thoughts from the first time that Tapestry has ever met in a building specifically designed for church use.

  • First, I am amazingly thankful for 1st Baptist. They were very generous to let us meet there. I asked about paying rent and they said “no need” (don’t worry I have made sure they have been renumerated in another manner). Thanks 1st Baptist.
  • Second, I am very thankful for the understanding nature of Tapestry. We usually have really talented individuals leading our music. Jodi, Eric, Joel, and Drew are amazing. I love our music and I know other people do too. Last night was the “perfect storm” of not being able to find someone to lead our music. This means that it fell to me. I am the last chancemusic leader. This is because, while I can lead, I am not very comfortable doing so and I am not very good. So how does Tapestry respond? Oh they sing louder than normal so that Idon’t feel like I am leading alone. It went from “man, I hate doing this” to “man, I love singing with these people.” Thanks threads. You guys are awesome. Even so I’m still readyfor Jodi, Joel, and Eric to be back.
  • Third, pews? Really? I know at one time pews were a great step forward. At one time everything in a church building was a step forward that solved a problem that needed to be addressed. Therefore, at one time pews were progressive. Now though I really hate pews. I didn’t realize it till starting Tapestry. Before I had always thought that chairs were a nice alternative every now and then, but now I just really hate pews. Actually I had considered meeting in the gym at 1st Baptist simply because there would be no pews. I thought it would be funny to move from a school gym to a church gym. The Leadership Team said “lets go with the the sanctuary and we did. Good call because the sanctuary has AC and it was needed in that old uninsulated building. Still, those pews!?!?!?
  • Fourth, Tapestry is pretty techie and non-techie at the same time. We use technology on a regular basis but it is never the certain of focus. What does this mean for 1st Baptist? Well it isn’t a very technologically friendly site. No grounded outlets for a start and very few outlets in general for another thing. Also the sound system? Well it just couldn’t handle what we usually do. It couldn”t even handle Drew’s bass. So we went pretty low key. I don’t think anyone noticed. Because while we typically have the scripture for the message on its own interactive website and use videos, document projectors, people using tablets and smart phones during the message, etc., etc., those things are never the focus of what we do. They are just tools. We use them when they are helpful and skip them when they aren’t. Last night’s “powerful” illustration for the sermon was a bottle of Diet Coke. You don’t get much more low-tech than that.
  • Finally, if we ever get a building (and folks that is a really big IF because I for one am happy renting Washington for a very long time) I hope we still have some setup and tear down that is necessary for each week. I love the fact that each week after church people are working together and most importantly talking together while we clean up. People don’t just rush away from Tapestry unless there is something very important that they have to go to. I hope that is always a part of who we are and I, for one, am willing to setup and tear down chairs for the rest of my life if that is necessary for those conversations and laughter to take place.

That’s it for my thoughts on the first week of meeting at 1st Baptist Church. Remember folks we meet there again this week.

SIDE NOTE – also remember we are providing the meal at Place of Peace this Thursday.

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