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A few weeks ago I wrote about OGIO replacing the backpack that Pam and the boys gave me a few years ago. The zipper was faulty on it and thankfully the the backpack had a lifetime warranty. OGIO was really great about the whole process and they just wanted a certain tag and a logo cut off of the bag. So once I received the replacement bag I thought I would have the other bag fixed for another member of the family. You see Pam, Adam, and Noah all wanted my previous backpack and they were already clamoring for either the new or fixed backpack.

If you doubt me concerning them wanting my backpacks just look at what Pam just tweeted.

Today things became a little more interesting. I pulled into the driveway around lunch and saw a package on our front porch. When I opened it I found inside a new backpack sent to me from the North American Mission Board SEND campaign. Guess what type of bag it was? If you guessed the exact same type of bag as my old OGIO backpack you would be right. Same brand, same model, different color. Woohoo! Thanks NAMB.

Now I just need a 4th cool OGIO backpack to suddenly show up in my life and I will have the whole family covered for the cost of one Father’s Day present several years ago. I love it when a plan comes together … or in this case the plan is just being lucky. I love that too.

SIDE NOTE – I am presently reading Daniel Migliore’s book “The Power of God and the gods of Power” and it is amazing. I read “The Power of God” back during my Masters of Divinity and so enjoyed it that I read everything I could find from Migliore. A few years ago he did a thorough revision of “The Power of God” for this book and it is really good. The only problem with it is that I find myself wanting to highlight and tweet too much of the book. For example:

Good stuff.

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