The Burger Experiment – Hilltop


Round two of the Burger Experiment took place yesterday. This time Noah and I were joined by Pam who for some reason didn’t eat a burger so she doesn’t really have anything to add to this post. As a family we love Hilltop but for some reason I have never eaten one of their burgers. I usually go for the Chicken Flippers which are fried chicken cook in fish fry batter. Mhmm, good stuff.

The Burger & Fries - the Brew City fries are great.

The burger unfortunately wasn’t as good as the Chicken Flippers. Both and Noah and I were excited about the burger. It looked really good and smelled even better. As soon as my burger arrived I realized that they had forgotten to bring me the mayo I had asked for on my burger. Strike one. While waiting for a little mayo to be brought by the waitress I took the top bun off the burger and discovered that the slice of cheddar cheese I had asked for on the burger wasn’t there. Strike two. On the good side while I waited for my burger to have cheese melted on it I tasted a little of the burger juice left on the plate and it was great. This really got me excited about the burger and I was ready for its return.

So when the burger came back I was ready to eat it. My response? Mhem. Definitely not worth eating again. The patty itself was quite good but the bun is horrendous. Soft and mushy. Strike three! I don’t think they did anything to the bun other pull it out of its bag. Come on people. Toast the bun! This is important. The soggy bun took what would have been a very decent burger and changed it to a waste of my time.

A whole leaf of lettuce? Too busy to cut it?

The garnish isn’t as big of a deal for me but it wasn’t to my taste. They garnished the burger with a leaf of lettuce. One solid leaf. Personally I tore it up and put it back on the burger. Why not slice or tear the lettuce up? I think it is better for the eating experience.
The fries, on the other hand, were the saving grace. Hilltop’s Brew City fries are great. They really are quite tasty. The fries were enough for Noah to rate the overall experience as a 7 1/2. I can’t go that high because the burger was really not very good. We’ll gladly go back to Hilltop again but I will stick with my usual – Chicken Flippers and Brew City fries.

My overall rating – 5 1/2.

Right now the plan for next week is The Point After or Arbuckles. We’ve heard good and bad about both.

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