Be Nice to Marshfield

I started my rounds as the chaplain for my companies in Marshfield early this morning. All went well.

Per my usual I “checked in” at the places I went to via foursquare. I use this because through a combination with IFTT


I am able to have my “check ins” automatically placed into my Google Calendar and this gives me some accountability for where I have been.

Any I went to check in at one of my companies only to discover that it isn’t listed on foursquare yet. No big deal I can correct that. I saw that I could “check in” for the whole city of Marshfield. When I did I discovered that one of the “tips” left for the city was that the roads “suck” and that “the people suck too.” Well that’s nice to know. I am sure Natalie G. will be glad to know that all the people of her hometown suck.

Thanks for the helpful info Foursquare users.

SIDE NOTE – the image to the right is a screen shot showing the statements. Enjoy.

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