Robin Williams' Arm Hair

I am fairly sure that I just saw Robin Williams walk into a Diary Queen in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I would post a photo but by the time I had my camera out he had already left the building. You are probably thinking that I merely saw someone who sort of looked like Robin Williams but I saw this guy’s arm hair. The hair on the guy’s forearms shouted “I’m the real Robin Williams” and we all know that arm hair doesn’t lie.

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  1. Your opening quote at the top of your blog reads “My Thoughts & Ravings As I Try To Follow CHRIST”. My question is how hard is it to follow CHRIST?

    1. Dusty, If you want to enter into real conversation I gladly will but I presume that you don’t from the fact that this comment has nothing to do with the post, and neither does your other comment really, which at this point I haven’t approved. Looks to me like attempts to drum up links for your website. I love honest discussion whether I agree with it or not, but I’m not giving someone who appears to be a troll a voice on my blog. Please prove me wrong and actually add to the discussion … and maybe add comments to your website.

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