I love this blog post from Marko. It is short but great. Here’s the first part.

Let me be blunt to get things going here: the Bible is mysterious.

I’m not suggesting that the Bible is unknowable, or that God is unknowable. What I’m suggesting is that there is always more to learn and understand about God; there is always more to learn and understand about the Bible. And we’ll never understand it all (at least not on this side of heaven). This is a wonderful and beautiful reality! Isn’t it fantastic that we can’t completely know God?

We know God through His revealing of Himself in Christ but He is still beyond all we can understand. We can know God in the relational sense but not like mathematical problem. I know Pam but she is still gloriously mysterious to me. I know Pam better than I know anyone else in the world and she still surprises and confuses me all the time. For example, how can a woman who loves competition and fights as much as she does not like sports other than hockey and that’s just for the fighting. I don’t know Pam like I know 2+2. I’m sure some mathematician can prove that there is great mystery to 2+2 but basically I am pretty sure I have a rather extensive knowledge of it. God and His revelation of Himself are still beyond me, even though He gives me enough that I might know Him personally. He is knowable and unknowable at the same time.

Anyhow Marko’s post is short but good. You should go read it.

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