Eric's Skill

So I didn’t blog this past month, other than a previously scheduled post, due to the 14th annual Terrell No TV month (which is actually very limited electronic media). September was a poor month to choose and we are swapping back to August next year.

Anyhow I am now back to blogging and I thought I would start off by posting something for Eric G. You see Eric made a windscreen for the microphone I was using while officiating Drew & Kate’s wedding this past weekend. Here’s a photo of the windscreen he made.


Considering the fact that he made it by trimming down a random block of foam he found it looks pretty good and it worked perfectly. The problem is that Sunday night Eric asked why I hadn’t blogged about the windscreen yet. He said:

Robert, you blog about everything else that happens in your life so why have you blogged about how great my windscreen is?

It was really a rather sad and pathetic moment. I knew Eric was desperate for people’s approval but until this moment I never knew how desperate he was. ūüėČ

There you go Eric. I have now blogged about your windscreen.

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