Single Track in the Fall

This past Summer Eric G introduced the boys and I to singletrack mountain biking. All three of us really enjoyed it and therefore I started looking for and purchased our first good mountain bike. Since buying the bike I have gone out at least once a week to the trails around us. Today I learned a few new things:

  1. While Fall makes for beautiful trails it also makes for leaf covered trails which makes it difficult to see certain obstacles, such as a bigger than expected rock (1 fall), and also makes it slippery when going up hill, for example you reach a point where you stop going up the hill because the back wheel is freely spinning (1 fall). Probably not the best day to move from traditional pedals to clipless pedals.
  2. Deer seem to think that the singletrack trail belongs to them. I saw lots of them today at Standing Rock Park and unfortunately I saw one much closer than I wanted to when I rounded a corner at full speed and it was standing right in the middle of the path. Almost ran into it (1 fall).
  3. 45 year old men are not meant to fall off a bicycle more than once a day. I will be very sore tomorrow.

Lots of fun. I’ll go again next week.

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