3 Things I am Rather Fond of Right Now

1.  My Battery Charger – Apparently I didn’t close Fred‘s door last night and the dome light ran the battery down.  So I am rather fond of my battery charger right now.

2. My brother sent me Darn Tough Vermont socks for my birthday and they are awesome. I am rather fond of them. Thanks bro!

3. I am rather fond of the fact that when I walk into Emy J’s coffee I invariably know quite a few people there and end up having really good conversations. Not also the best situation for getting work because the conversations can end up distracting me from doing what I need to do but they lead to a better life and faith and that is a better thing. It is amazing how deep a seemingly random conversation can get.

SIDE NOTE – My facebook friend Scott Slayton has written a little post on the scandal over President Obama supposedly omitting “under God” from his reading of the Gettysburg address that is worth a read. There are plenty of actual things to criticize the president, and other politicians of all flavors, over. There is no need to attack him/them over something that is simply not true. Just makes us look stupid. Anyhow I was going to write something about it but I think Scott did a decent job first, so I will just point you his way.

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