Little Baptism Help?!?!?!

I have a practical baptism question. Since Tapestry is what would be referred to as a nomadic church (i.e. a church without a building – though I also like the idea of us as being a raiding party) our baptisms are usually done at one of two places: Warm weather = Iverson Park, cold weather = the Metallo’s hot tub. It works really well and I love baptisms, both for the proclamation of faith that happens during the baptism and the fun everyone has together during them (baptisms for us equal potluck dinner). It is a really good setup that I don’t want to change in any long term manner,

With that said, I would like to try at least one baptism at the school where we normally meet (Washington Elementary School). Anyone have any ideas for a tank big enough to dunk someone in, that could be setup, filled, and (this is key) brought to room temperature in 2 hours and then completely torn down in 45 minutes? We have 4 hours total at Washington which makes things a little difficult and it costs us per hour to reserve more time.

Sometimes it would be so much easier to just sprinkle. ūüėČ


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  1. If you have someone with a pickup truck, you could get a galvanized cattle water trough from TSC or someplace like that. The candidate sits in it and you can lay them down to submerge them. To get warm water, you can run a hose from a sink with warm water. The bigger issue is getting the water out. You could use a gravity siphon for a large aquarium (about $10 at your local pet store) to a floor drain or mop bucket basin. If you are meeting in a school cafeteria, the hot water connection and mop basin will probably be found in the kitchen if you can get access to them.

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