Source of Hope – Moltmann quote

“But the ultimate reason for our hope is not to be found at all in what we want, wish for and wait for; the ultimate reason is that we are wanted and wished for and waited for.  What is it that awaits us?  Does anything await us at all, or are we alone?  Whenever we base our hope on trust in the divine mystery, we feel deep down in our hearts: there is someone who is waiting for you, who is hoping for you, who believes in you.  We are waited for as the prodigal son in the parable is waited for by his father.  We are accepted and received, as a mother takes her children into her arms and comforts them.  God is our last hope because we are God’s first love.  We are God’s dream for his world and his image on the earth he loves.  God is waiting for his human beings to become truly human.  That is why in us, too, there is a longing to be true human beings.  God is waiting for human human beings; that is why he suffers from all the inhumanities which we commit personally and politically.  God is waiting for his image, his echo, his response in us.  That is why he is still patient with us and endures the expanse of ruins in our history of violence and suffering.  God isn’t silent.  God isn’t dead.  God is waiting.  To be able to wait is the strongest strength.  God is patient with us and puts up with us.  God gives us time and gives us future.”

–Jürgen Moltmann, The Source of Life, 40-41

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