Pomplamoose Pharrell Mashup

The video above is the latest from Pomplamoose. It is a great mashup of two songs from Pharrell Williams. I love Pomplamoose’s mashups. They are consistently great.

I also love the creativity in their videos which I have mentioned before. They have a tendency to decontruct how they make their music and videos. They let you in to see the “man behind the curtain.” I feel like many people try to hide how they make something creative. I think this is probably for fear that others will see how it is made and then do the same thing, or fear that if someone sees how something is made they will think less of it because it seems too simple. But that’s not what Pomlamoose does. They let you in to see how the sausage is made and it just adds to the greatness of their music. Single Ladies, one of their earlier covers, is a great example of them deconstructing how a their music is made.

Of course, it helps that I enjoy their music too.

SIDE NOTE – I do find the part where the video projects her singing on her bustier rather disturbing and strange.

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