I Promise It is a Chocolate Muffin Stain

This week’s sale item at Kwik Trip (a company I really like) are their muffins and I am a big fan of their double chocolate muffin.  So Tuesday I bought a double chocolate muffin for a treat on my drive over to Marshfield and Pittsville to visit some of the companies that I chaplain for. When I made it to my first company I noticed that I had dropped a few crumbs on my car seat. I didn’t think it was any big deal. I went through all my visits and had a great day.

When I made it home and swapped into some running clothes I discovered that I had a double chocolate muffin stain in the butt crack of my pants. Apparently I had been walking around all day with this stain in a location where a chocolate mark conveys a very embarassing message.

I promise it was a double chocolate muffin stain. Really.