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I am a big fan of the company through whom I chaplain for businesses. Corporate Chaplains of America is a pretty cool company. There are lots of reasons that I think CCA is awesome but right now I thought I would share something they just did. CCA has an in-house publishing company, Lanphier Press. This year the new CEO of CCA, Preston Parrish, wanted to make sure that all the chaplains are reading, so the company took the money  that Lanphier made last year and divided it into Amazon gift cards for all the chaplains. I received my Amazon gift card from CCA yesterday.

So I started looking for books.
209182I’m taking my time with the gift they gave me but I did buy my first book a little while ago. Hope within History by Walter Brueggemann. While I have only read a limited amount of Bruggeman’s work I have been challenged by what I have read and heard from him thus far. Thankfully the used books that Amazon sells make it much easier to catch up on what he has written. Thanks to the the used books on Amazon I was able to grab “Hope in History” for $4 including shipping.

Man, I love inexpensive prices on good books.

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