I Guess I'll Start Blogging Again

Actually I never really stopped blogging. I just haven’t blogged in the past month, which is a long time for me to not write something. The problem has been that every thing that I have wanted to blog about was a bigger issue that would require me to think a decent amount and then write a correspondingly decent amount. That’s fine and dandy, but I figure Pam, my parents, and I are the only ones who read this blog, and I don’t think any of us want to read many of my longer thoughts. At least I know I don’t. So I would see or hear something and think “Oh I should blog about that” and then decided that it would take too long and I could find something better to do. The blogging equivalent of my bassets seeing a squirrel.

I’ll give you an example of the subjects I have been thinking about. I have been scouring craigslist looking for a “new to us” car for Adam or Noah (or me if I could find a nice Volvo 240 wagon which I have become fascinated with). Two things have been humorous to me in my searches.

1. The people who list all the money they have spent repairing their car as justification for asking more than market value for the vehicle. They usually say in their post something like, “I just want to get my money back,” Huh? Why should I pay extra for your car so you can get your money back? The market is the market.

2. The people who have extreme misunderstandings of the value of their vehicles. I read one post where a person bought a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan for $4,000 two months prior and then had a bad head on collision and thought their vehicle was now worth $3,200 because they were pretty sure you could get the parts necessary to fix the vehicle at a junk yard for $500. The person stressed that “low ballers” shouldn’t reply. What a deal.

Any how, both such instances have lead to some fun conversations with Pam concerning how we value our things and ourselves. Basically people tend to be the heroes or our own stories and therefore think better of ourselves and our possessions than we probably ought too. Like I said earlier, too big of a subject for me to want to regularly blog about.

It is once again Terrell No TV month, which doesn’t really mean just no TV as much as it does a lessening of our reliance upon electronics (TV, media, computers, etc.). Therefore, I thought I would focus on blogging more this month – yes blogging involves a computer, but creative endeavors are encouraged during No TV month. So I guess I’ll try to write something, big or small, most of the days of August. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. There’s a restaurant up the road having a fund raiser to expand their building. I asked Kenny if it was a food kitchen or something. He said, “No, it’s just a small restaurant.” I don’t think they understand the market or capitalism either.

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